This workshop is based on the latest evidence-backed coaching practice in elite running – but we work with runners of all levels of ability and aspiration, and you certainly don’t need to be an elite runner to benefit from attending!

In our experience, runners at all levels often don’t make the best use of their training time because all their runs are in the ‘grey zone’ – their so-called easy runs aren’t easy enough and their hard workouts aren’t hard enough. We’ll show you why easy running should be the bread and butter of your training, how to pick the right hard workouts for your chosen goal - and do them right. Other runners use off-the-shelf plans for a ‘sub-40 10K’ or a ‘sub-2hr half marathon’ but don’t achieve the promised result because the plan doesn’t account for their unique strengths and weaknesses. We’ll help you determine a realistic goal for your chosen race and create your own personal training plan.

This workshop includes indoor and outdoor sections. You will go home armed with the information (including handouts) and inspiration you need to train and race better.


  • The warm-up - Why it’s important and what to include.
  • Goal-setting - Putting your goal through a reality check.
  • Goal-specific training - How to make every session count.
  • Building your own programme - No more shoe-horning yourself into an off-the-shelf plan!
  • Race fuelling - What you need, when and why.
  • Devising a race strategy - and sticking to it!


Number of places: 12

Cost per person: £45

Workshop duration: 10.30am until 2.30pm

Venue: The Elysian Centre, Cinque Port Street, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7AN. A 2-minute walk from Rye station or park for £2 all day at Rye Market car park (TN31 7AD) around the corner.

Is it for you? This workshop is suitable for runners of all abilities and aspirations. We will be doing a challenging (though individually tailored) session during the day, so avoid a hard run the day before and after, if possible.

This date or location not working for you? Email us to be notified about the next Train & Race Better workshop.