The session begins with video analysis of your running form in an outdoor setting, which we will review together to decide what to focus on (it’s much more effective to change one thing at a time rather than attempt to work on it all at once). Then we’ll go through some practical exercises and give you some cues/imagery to enhance or subtly alter this aspect of your gait pattern before re-filming. You will go away with homework to take away and practise. We will also look at your static and dynamic posture, strength and mobility and how they feed into your running form. Again, we’ll decide what needs working on and go through some exercises to help you improve that aspect of your posture or movement pattern.

A running form assessment can be conducted at any time – right at the start of your running journey, following a period of injury or after years of practice! Not in the market for a one-to-one? We also offer regular Run Better small-group workshops, which focus on form.


Price: £70 for a 90-minute session including post-session notes and advice.

Location: Rye, East Sussex. Occasional appointments in London.

What to wear: Please wear form-fitting clothing, such as a fitted top and shorts or running tights, for your assessment. This enables us to get clearer footage of you running. And don’t forget your trainers!

Running Form Assessment