There’s no ‘one size fits all’ running form blueprint that works for everyone - but there are some common factors that allow running to be more economical (wasting minimal energy), effective (maximising propulsion) and injury resistant (less stressful on to the body) as well as some factors that do quite the opposite! We’ll look at and discuss these in the classroom, so you can keep them in mind when it’s time to go outside and explore your running form (including video recording). This isn’t an exam – it’s an opportunity for learning (what do I ‘do’ when I run?’), experimentation (how does it feel if I try Y instead of X?’) and feedback (both from us coaches and through video playback).

Improving your knowledge of good running technique and having a clearer picture of your own form is a great starting point. But what then? We’ll go through some movement exercises and drills to help you experience how it feels to run differently – stuff you can take away and practise until it becomes your ‘new normal.’ We’ll also explore why you run the way you do, and how you can address any factors that are holding you back. It could be that you lack strength in key muscle groups, or don’t have good mobility in certain joints. It could be that you’re carrying habitual poor posture into your running form. Working on these factors is often the key to unlocking your running potential.

This workshop includes indoor and outdoor sections. You will go home armed with the information and tools you need to run better – whether that means faster, longer or simply happier.


Number of places: 10

Cost per person: £45

Workshop duration: 10.30am until 2.30pm

Venue: Iden Old Hall, Church Lane, Iden, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7PX. Free parking.

Is it for you? This workshop is suitable for runners of all abilities and aspirations. There is very little continuous running involved, so runners with injuries may still be able to benefit from attending.

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