The two levels of coaching we offer relate to how important ongoing contact and feedback will be to you once you have embarked on your programme.

With the ‘interactive’ option, your programme is delivered to you online (we use the Final Surge training app) or by email in two-week blocks, with each subsequent block adjusted and amended according to our weekly feedback sessions (via phone or email) and your progress. You can get in touch with us any time with specific queries in between feedback sessions. We will also prescribe relevant strength/mobility exercises and advise you on nutrition, recovery and race strategy.

Price: £60 per four weeks, payable in advance. Minimum duration 12 weeks.

With the ‘handover’ option, you'll receive your fully bespoke plan in one go (for example, if it's for 16 weeks, you will receive all 16 weeks up front). You'll then follow it under your own steam, although we will of course go through it with you on handover, to ensure everything is crystal clear. Any further consultations are charged for.

Price: £40 per four weeks. Entire fee due in advance. Minimum duration 10 weeks.

Bespoke Coaching